I am a creator.
Let’s make something awesome.

People often ask what’s your passion, expecting me to say “web design” or “graphic design” or some other laser-focused definition they can digest quickly. If you do that with me, you will risk not getting to see the big picture. If you want to know my passions, here they are:

  • I love designing things.
  • I love making things.
  • I love discovering things.
  • I love fixing things.
  • I love improving things.

Those are my passions. Whether it’s at a computer, on my workbench, in my sketchpad, or just in my head, I am constantly doing any one of those things. I’m at my best when it’s all five at once and when it’s done to help someone who needs it. It doesn’t have to be a volunteer or charity case; just knowing that my boss, coworker, client, family, or friend couldn’t have done it without me is all I need. Of course money is good, too.

So tell me what you need, and let’s make something awesome.